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What we do


  • experience in insurance of all types of vehicles including large car fleets, light motor vehicles, light commercial vehicles, vans, trucks, haulage trucks (plus additional equipment e.g.: refrigerator truck), trailers and semitrailers, carrier vehicles (dump trucks, crane trucks, etc.);
  • 100% positive payment history. We help our clients to file applications properly, perform additional control of the case administration and payment deadline;
  • experience in foreign insurance adjustment, overseas repair;
  • free customer attendance for vehicle shooting and inspection, free documents’ delivery, free support during insurance certificate’s period (invoicing for further payments, payment reminder, amending, prolongation, termination and other).


  • insurance experience for all types of property: buildings (including those in process of construction), furniture, office equipment and other office appliances, telecommunications equipment, goods in storage, glazing and window space, advertising structures, drilling machines and other construction machinery, construction materials and values in tills and cash dispensers;
  • experience in all types of risk insurance including equipment failure for any reason;
  • insurance experience as per tariffs three times lower than average market prices;
  • the lowest rate for the best selection of reasonable range of risks with no need to pay for unnecessary risks and improbable events;
  • maximum discounts for our clients;
  • property valuation assistance.


  • experience in carriers liability insurance (including dangerous freight and domestic traffic), forwarding agent’s liability insurance, professional liability insurance, liability insurance when conducting construction works;
  • selection of proper liability limits.


  • insurance of groups from 5 people up to 400;
  • knowledge of strengths and weaknesses of assistance services and medical programs of insurance companies;
  • survey conduction of employees and selection of the best insurance programs for enterprises;
  • analysis of employees’ risk exposure depending on profession;
  • consulting on application of employees’ medical insurance costs to enterprise’s expenses;
  • our results – increase of employees’ loyalty to employer, reduction of personnel turnover, increase of personnel operating efficiency, reduction in expenses for pay increase due to the benefits selection reasonable for employer;
  • possibility to provide employees of the enterprise with personal insurance services (hull insurance, property insurance, etc.) at lower prices.

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