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Lines of insurance

Insurance market is rapidly growing and it can be easy to get lost among the huge selection of different insurance services available in the market. In this light we have specified the list of insurance lines for companies and insurance brokers with clients having business in Belarus:

  • medical expenses insurance;
  • voluntary insurance against accidents and illnesses when travelling abroad;
  • driver’s and passengers’ accident Insurance;
  • corporate property insurance;
  • cargo insurance;
  • aircraft insurance;
  • financial lines insurance;
  • individual property insurance;
  • vessel insurance;
  • insurance against construction and assembly risks;
  • business interruption insurance;
  • repair costs insurance;
  • travel expense insurance;
  • manufacturers liability insurance in case of wrong against consumers due to post-warranty repair because of inadequate quality of goods(“extended warranty insurance”);
  • civil liability insurance of vehicle owners;
  • freight carrier liability insurance (in accordance with Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road dated 1956);
  • freight carrier liability to customs authority (in accordance with Customs Convention on the International Transport of Goods under Cover of TIR Carnets dated 1975);
  • employer's liability insurance for injury or disease to their employees;
  • civil liability insurance to cover any harm and expenses arising out of their employment;
  • insurance of the civil liability and expenses of organizations which operate hazardous facilities;
  • civil liability insurance for aircraft owners;
  • civil liability insurance for people having the right to use dwelling premises;
  • general third party liability insurance;
  • liability insurance for land motor vehicles;
  • insurance for vehicle operation expenses (technical assistance);
  • product liability insurance;
  • liability insurance for violation of loan agreement (loan);
  • insurance of marine shipping vessels;
  • insurance of vessels under construction;
  • ship owners liability insurance;
  • reproductive assurance for woman and new born baby (babies);
  • home insurance for multifamily residential building;
  • banking risk insurance;
  • borrowers’ health and accident insurance;
  • motor carrier liability insurance;
  • health insurance against surgical intervention risk;
  • insurance against accidents and diseases;
  • intellectual property insurance;
  • insurance of liability for the non-fulfillment (improper fulfillment) of bond issuer’s obligations;
  • directors liability insurance;
  • civil liability coverage and package property insurance of its owners;
  • insurance of inland water transport and other inland waterways floating crafts;
  • customs warehouse liability insurance and (or) temporary storage warehouse liability insurance;
  • customs agents civil liability insurance;
  • rightholder damage liability insurance in case of launch suspension of products with intellectual property items;
  • insurance of railway vehicles;
  • borrower coverage;
  • credit card use insurance;
  • credit risk insurance;
  • consumer credit risk insurance;
  • insurance against forced abandonment of public events, cultural events, sport events and other events;
  • forwarding agent’s liability insurance;
  • comprehensive insurance of corporate property and sole proprietors property and civil liability insurance of its owners;
  • liability insurance for the non-fulfillment (improper fulfillment) of building contract’s warranty obligations;
  • all risks corporate property insurance;
  • contractors all risk (CAR) insurance;
  • erectors all risk (EAR) insurance.

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